Home Phone Services

Find out all you need to know about Sure's home phone services here.


How can I apply for a telephone service?

To apply for a landline service you need to complete an application form and return it to our offices. To download a form please click here.

You will be required to pay a deposit if you are a new customer. Your monthly line rental charge is due monthly in advance. Charges for the first month of connection will be calculated pro rata according to the number of days the service was provided. For example if your service was connected on the 24 May, you will be charged 6 days' rental for May. This pro rata charge, along with your first whole month's charge will appear on your first bill.


How can I terminate my telephone service?

We require one month's notice prior to the termination of your telephone service. Failure to do so may result in your recovery date not being met. If you wish to terminate your telephone service please fill in a termination request form by clicking here.

Please note that telephone bills should be paid before you leave the islands and require 2 working days to prepare. Terminations can only take place during the working week; 8am until 12noon and 1pm until 4.30pm. Your final month's rental charge will be pro rata according to the number of days you received the service.


How can I move my telephone service?

If you are moving house and need to move your telephone and/or broadband, please click here for a move application form.


How can I use a telephone whilst visiting the Islands?

For customers who are visiting the Islands or those who do not have a telephone line but would like to make a call either nationally or internationally, you can purchase prepaid telephone cards from our shops or a number of retailers across the Islands in the following denominations, £5, £10. They can be used from any Sure fixed or mobile line, including our payphones with no additional charge.

Simply dial 1141 then the PIN code from your card followed by #, then the destination number including the international access code e.g. 0044 123 456 7890 for a UK call. Click here for the location of our Stanley payphones.

Note that prepaid calls via 1141 are free from all Falkland Islands telephone lines, payphones and local mobile SIMs. Additional call charges may be applied by your mobile service provider if you are calling 1141 whilst roaming in the Falklands.


Can I apply for a discount on international calls? 

Yes with TalkAway!

TalkAway is a FREE service available to all residential landline customers. It gives you 10% off three international telephone numbers. An application form can be downloaded by clicking here or by contacting our Customer Services Team on freephone 131 or visiting our shops.