Paying Your Bill

You can pay your bill with a variety of payment options, offering a solution for all.


We offer a range of payment options

We have recently introduced a bank transfer slip on the bottom of our bills, to replace the remittance advice. We encourage customers to pay with this slip directly to Standard Chartered Bank, but if you prefer to pay at our shop or by post directly to us, you can now simply fill in your bank details on the transfer slip and we will submit it to the bank for you. We hope to reduce the amount of cheques received and encourage direct bank transfers to either our local or UK bank accounts.

Please see all payment options below:



We don’t charge for this facility, but you should check with your bank or building society concerning any charges or terms and conditions that might apply.

Log into your bank online, go to online transfer and quote our bank account number (11339451) and sort code (18-50-08). You will be asked for a reference number - please use your Sure account number, which is shown at the top right hand corner of your bill.

We particularly encourage Mount Pleasant customers to pay online, rather than at our shop with a UK cheque.


At our shops

Ross Road, Stanley or FIC Shopping Complex MPC; by cheque, cash or credit card.

Alternatively you can simply fill in your bank details on the partially completed transfer slip on the bottom of your bill and bring it to our shop and we will submit it to the bank for you, rather than you writing a cheque, or paying in cash.


At Standard Chartered Bank

Directly to our Standard Chartered Bank account 002009908000.

Please use the partially completed transfer slip on the bottom of your bill. If you don't have it and use a blank form at the bank, please ensure you add your Sure account number.


Direct debit

Forms are available from our Customer Services Team who can be contacted on freephone 131, or at either of our shops.

Bills can be posted or sent electronically (e-bill). The benefit to you of an e-bill is that you can opt for itemised billing free of charge, this normally costs £2 per month per telephone number.


Receiving your bill

We encourage all customers to go green and opt for e-billing. You can go green by emailing or contact customer services.