Iridium Satellite Phone

If you want to stay in contact or just have piece of mind when you are in a remote location and out of mobile telephone range e.g. sailing a yacht or walking in remote parts of Camp, Iridium is ideal for your needs.

Here at Sure we sell and rent Iridium phones. For the cost of buying an Iridium phone please call freephone 131 or e-mail


How do I get an Iridium service?

If you purchase your own phone, we can offer you a minimum 12 month Iridium contract for £50 per month. Alternatively if you require the use of a phone for a short excursion and you don’t want ongoing monthly costs, we can rent you a phone. For our rental charges please see our costs below. Please note that our rental charge does not include call charges. To sign up for an iridium rental contract please contact freephone 131, e-mail or visit our shops in Stanley or MPA.

Iridium does not support emergency calls due to it being a satellite based service, therefore do not dial 999 but instead use the main police station international number 00 500 28100.


Iridium tariffs

Iridium rental costs:

  • £50 per week
  • £100 per month


Other charges:

Iridium monthly fee (own phone) £50.00  
SIM activation Free If phone purchased from us
Re-SIM £50.00  
Local Falklands to Iridium £2.50 per minute billed in six second blocks
Iridium to Iridium 0.68p per minute billed in 20 second blocks
Iridium to Falklands (+500) £1.01 per minute billed in 20 second blocks
Iridium to all other countries £1.22 per minute billed in 20 second blocks
Iridium to other satellite systems £7.00 per minute billed in 20 second blocks
SMS text to send 30p per message