Broadband Packages

Sure Falkland Islands' Broadband Price Plans are designed to suit your every need and budget.Broadband Poster 12 2022


  • You will be invoiced monthly, pro-rata and in advance.
  • Your one off set up charges can be paid up front or applied to your first invoice.

One off broadband charges

  • £20 set up fee
  • Modem and Wi-Fi set up fee £20 (optional)

Please contact Customer Services for modem prices. If you are a new customer, telephone connection charges will also apply.

Recurring monthly charges

  • Line rental
  • Broadband package charge

Additional Charges

• Residential line rental £11 per month
• Business line rental £22 per month
• No current landline? Connection without engineer visit £45*
• No current landline? Connection with an engineer visit £120*
*£25 for line connection and £20 for broadband activation 
*£100 installation of the new line and £20 for broadband activation 
*If you do not already hold an account with Sure, you may be asked to pay a refundable deposit.
Speeds stated here are the best possible speeds you can achieve.
The actual speed of service you will get is dependent on a number of factors.